Even though we don’t really need anything in the way of gifts, we have
been told that people will want to give us something anyway! In light
of that, we would be very happy if you would support one of these
vendors or charities:

Some charities we support are:

Fox Haven Center
Fox Haven Center is the non-profit, educational arm of Fox Haven Farm in Frederick, MD.  Projects include a new wind turbine, solar powered irrigation, organic farming, forest restoration, and wildlife protection. www.facebook.com/foxhavenfarm. Donations can be sent to Fox Haven Center, P.O. Box 10682, Baltimore, MD 21285.

SEVA Foundation

Seva Foundation provides financial resources and technical expertise to help communities build sustainable solutions to poverty and disease.  They build partnerships that respect the cultures and traditional wisdom of the people they serve, and focus on solutions that can be sustained by local communities. www.seva.org

We love Catoctin Pottery and have chosen a few dish patterns. Owner
and designer Susy Hanson is a friend, a local artisan and supporter of Fox Haven Farm. www.catoctinpottery.com, 301-371-4274.

Larry has known the owner of ABC Home for quite a while. Gift
Certificates are a wonderful way to support this New York store (and
we love to visit!). www.abchome.com, 212-473-3000.

And in a moment or two of wedding registry excitement, we did pick out a few things at Williams Sonoma(http://www.williams-sonoma.com) and Crate & Barrel (http://www.crateandbarrel.com). They do have some great products to support our healthy cooking lifestyle!