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Larry Bohlen
6/15/2010 03:53:23 am

yikes! Today is about the 100 day point!
band - check
site - check
bride - check

7/26/2010 01:45:31 pm

A warm thanks to Michael Raitzyk who is providing music through the Michael Raitzyk Trio!

I first heard Michael's cool jazz sound at Woodberry Kitchen where you can often catch him during their Sunday brunch. Learn more about Michael at!

7/27/2010 08:26:47 am

I love the participatory web site to celebrate your public wedding vows. I loved our wedding and look forward to spending a wonderful time with your friends in honor of your union. The world is a better place with the union of two great spirits such as yours.

Let me know if you need any help ahead of time or the day of. That I am very good at.

Larry Bohlen
8/3/2010 04:57:23 am

Susan and I picked up the Marriage License in Frederick yesterday. Said an oath to the officer that ended in "I do." Good practice, I'd say!

8/9/2010 01:35:51 pm

Your special day is almost here and I just wanted to say how much I love both
of you. To my lovely daughter-in-law to be; you have filled my son's life with so much happiness and joy; I am eternally grateful. May you be blessed with many happy years together.

8/9/2010 02:33:25 pm

To Mom Bohlen - AW! That is so sweet. We are so happy together. And I'm so glad to have you and Larry Sr. in my life too! Thank you so much for all. xo

8/18/2010 04:06:37 pm

Your beautiful invite just arrived! I am so sad that I won't be able to be there to share what is sure to be a truly wonderful day. I will be thinking of you and sending you much love and wishes for a long, happy life together.

By the way, I really liked the quote you included on the invitation. It is soooo true!


Melissa & Nelson
8/22/2010 11:35:23 pm

Yay! We will be there. My vocal cords will be all warmed up! xoox

Lauren and Josh
8/27/2010 12:32:21 am

We'll be there! Excited to celebrate with you! xoxo

Sheron & John Foster
8/28/2010 03:29:07 am

Oh Susan & Larry! We are so excited for you and send you tons of light & love from here in Sedona! We will be with you on your special day, but alas, in spirit, not form... I am beyond happy for you both & pray that you have everything for a lifetime of wonderment & passion for each other and for life. Every blessing to you as you 'formally' become 'One', we know you are already there! Namaste * Sheron & John Foster

Barbara Patz
9/1/2010 08:10:06 am

I wish I could be there to watch my 3rd daughter get married...but while I won't be there in person, I will be thinking about both of you. I can already envision the extra special sparkle in your eyes. Take care of each other always.

9/2/2010 12:34:03 am

Wow. Susan and Larry...we are so excited to witness and CELEBRATE you!

Laurie Platts
9/3/2010 12:33:38 am

I so wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys! We will all be thinking of you and wishing you a most beautiful and special day. I know its going to be a blessed and magical event! Much, much love to you! XOXO Laurie, Joel & Baby Cash

Susie Burbidge
9/3/2010 12:59:23 am

Dear Susan & Larry,
So sorry that we can't be there with you to celebrate on your special day. Thanks so much for thinking of us. We wish you a long lifetime of love and happiness. Enjoy every second! Much love, Susie & Greg

Jed Fishman
9/3/2010 02:47:43 am

Susan and Larry,
Patti and I will happily be there to celebrate with you. We are both looking forward to being there!

Deron Lovaas
9/3/2010 06:01:01 am

Larry and Susan,

We'll be there with bells on (and three-year-old in tow)!

Looking forward to it,

Deron and Beth (and Joy)

Eileen Dengler
9/3/2010 06:01:27 am

I am so sorry, Susan & Larry, that I won't be able to join you on your very very special and wonderful day. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness

Brent and Terry Blackwelder
9/3/2010 06:09:57 am

We look forward to attending. We liked the wildflower invitation. We offer our congratulations. Brent

Mark LaFramboise
9/10/2010 12:32:20 am

Thanks for the beautiful invitation. I'm sorry I can't make it up for the ceremony, though. I hope you both have the most excellent day. I wish you both so much happiness.

Cindy Powers
9/13/2010 04:15:57 am

I wish I could be there to witness the union of such an amazing, beautiful couple. Unfortunately, I will be in Colorado and cannot attend:(

Please post pictures or even video because I know it will be a gorgeous and joyful even at Fox Haven! I'll be sending you wishes and thoughts of lots of love and happiness. Miss you both!!

Jennifer Wittman
9/13/2010 12:05:06 pm

I will definitely be there. Sending you love, and see you very soon, Jennifer

Lauren and Adam Levitt
9/13/2010 11:28:05 pm

Dear Susan and Larry,

As much as Lauren and I would like to be in Maryland to celebrate your wedding with you, our eleven week old son is going to prevent us from attending (clearly not the first or last thing he's going to prevent us from doing, but I digress. . .). We're really sorry that we're not going to be there.

Mazel tov on this great event.


Lauren and Adam Levitt

Kate and Jason Kortte
9/14/2010 05:04:15 am

Hi Susan and Larry,
The Kortte clan (Jason, Kate, Allison, and Therese) will be thrilled to join you on your happy day.
The Korttes

Jackie & Steve
9/18/2010 05:02:25 am

We can't wait to see you and celebrate a most amazing day!

Lots of love,
Jackie & Steve

9/20/2010 07:16:16 am

Blessings upon you both! We've been thinking about you as the day nears, and holding you just a bit above the earth - gliding, hovering on love. A shared love, witnessed by love.
May you be glad and walk in delight in the coming days.

Rene Voss
9/20/2010 02:21:33 pm

We are so looking forward to seeing you both. See you on Saturday.

judy berger
9/20/2010 04:05:52 pm

although i will not be with you in person, i will be with you in spirit. i wish you both a lifetime of happiness and good health.

Robin Gunkel
9/21/2010 12:44:46 am

Susan- Mike & I will be there! So looking forward to it, and can't wait to plant your wedding invitation and watch the flowers grow... xoxoxo See you Sunday!

Susy and John Hanson
9/21/2010 03:07:45 am

What a beautiful invitation - befitting the two of you so well. The site of the wedding with its background of spiritual ecstacy seems perfect. I am very sorry the two of us will not be there to share this joyful event.

Deb Milcarek
9/21/2010 09:04:33 pm

I have not ever looked forward to a wedding as much as I am this one!

Susan Weis
9/23/2010 12:52:36 am

we are getting so excited!! Can't wait to see everyone. And the weather is looking beautiful. Sunny and in the 70s!! Mother Nature has been listening! Let us know if you have any questions or need help with directions, etc.

See you soon!

Robin Gunkel
9/25/2010 12:19:24 am

I was wondering if it would be possible to get a ride for me and my boyfriend, Mike to the wedding tomorrow. Originally, we were going to take Mike's car, but we're having some car troubles. We live in lower Charles Village if anyone isn't too far away and has a little extra room because we would love to go. My number is 410-340-4031. Thank you!!

Sandy Ashri
9/27/2010 07:40:28 am

Oh Susan
So sorry I missed this important day in your life! We raised a glass to you yesterday on the beach in Eilat!!! (Nita and I ) and remembered all our fun times together.
A small present is on it's way.
Much love to you and Larry

Phil McCrevis
10/10/2010 05:51:39 am

Robin Gunkle,
I can take you and Mike-I'm outside now honking.
Hurry Up

Phil McCrevis
3/11/2011 08:41:58 am

Robin, where are you? Ben Dover, Buster Hyman and I are still wating outside. Hurry up

Claude Bawls
10/25/2011 08:04:47 am

When is the wedding? I am so looking forward to attending.

11/23/2018 03:12:52 am

This is such a cute website. We're not surprised to see your wedding gift registry and let me tell you it's amazing and love how you want to do gift cards and charitable contributions.


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